Sports Medicine-Non Operative

Tampa, FL

At work, you are in constant pain. You have missed several days of work due to the pain, and you worry about how the pain is impacting your job. You have been to several doctors, and they have all told you the best step for you to take is to have arthritis surgery. You worry that surgery is your only option, and you worry about how the surgery will impact your overall health. In the past, you heard about people having unnecessary surgery. Many people have had surgery, and it was not necessary for their health issues. After their surgery, they wished they had found a way to treat the pain and avoid arthritis surgery. Before you decide to have surgery, you should schedule an appointment with Richard Herrick, M.D. in Tampa, FL.

I have years of experience helping patients find the best treatment options for their specific needs. Once you contact my office, you will be on your way to living a life free of pain. Many of my patients come to my office because they have been told their only option is to have surgery. They know the possible implications of having surgery, and they want to find alternative ways to treat their pain. My office in Tampa, FL specializes in sports Medicine-Non Operative, and we use a combination of treatment methods for our patients.

Many of my patients are able to reduce their pain through physical therapy, daily exercise, and medication. In order to find the right combination of treatment options for your pain needs, contact my sports Medicine-Non Operative office for an appointment today. At your appointment, I will spend time listening to your needs. We will discuss treatment options, and I will help you determine the best treatment options for your individualized needs. It is time for you to start living a life free of pain, so contact our office for the right treatment options for you.