Orthopaedic Surgery

Sarasota, FL

After the car accident, you were told by your doctor it would take time to heal. You have been seeing your family doctor for treating the pain, but the pain continues to get worse. Your doctor has taken images, and concluded that you have upper extremity nerve injuries. You continue to take medication to deal with the pain, but the medication is not helping. On a daily basis, you rely on the medication to get you through the day. You wake up in the morning feeling pain, and the first thing you do is take medication. The medication has side effects, and you know it is dangerous to rely on the medication to relieve the pain. You know it may be time to consider orthopaedic surgery, so you need to make an appointment with Richard Herrick, M.D. My office is located in Sarasota FL.

I specialize in providing the best treatment options for upper extremity nerve injuries. I offer my patients a variety of treatment options. Before determining if orthopaedic surgery is the best treatment course for your specific needs, several tests will be utilized. I will discuss your health history with you, and I will perform a physical exam. Then I will have imaging scans completed, so I can get a thorough look at your injuries.

After spending time talking with you about your health concerns, I will be able to advise the best treatment options for your injuries. Once you contact my office in Sarasota, FL, you will receive the best care for your pain needs. My office has been in business for years, and I have a reputation of providing excellent care for my patients. If you are searching for a treatment that will get the best results, then make an appointment with my office to discuss your needs.