Neurological Orthopaedics

Clearwater, FL

After your loved one had a stroke, they were told there would be a long road to recovery. Their doctor advised them to see a specialist because they are going to need someone with experience in joint pain and muscle loss. As you watch your loved one continue to struggle with pain, you feel like there is something you should do. You know they have been to several doctors, but they are not getting results. Once you go online to do your research, you will learn about how they can benefit from neurological orthopaedics. Online, you will read information about Richard Herrick M.D in Clearwater FL. I have high ratings among patients and years of experience treating small joint arthroscopy and endoscopy.

For years, my office has been providing patient care in Clearwater, FL. I understand the difficulties of having a loved one struggle with pain. I know it can be challenging for them to perform everyday tasks. It can be challenging for them to walk and even dress themselves. Once your loved one comes to my office, they will receive the highest patient care. I specialize in helping patients recover from a stroke or brain injury. My treatment options focus on recovering lost function and regaining mobility.

It can be difficult to get the right treatment for specific pain needs. If you or someone you love is dealing with pain, you need to consult with a physician with my experience and skill set in neurological orthopaedics. Small joint arthroscopy and endoscopy treatment options can vary, so I will take the time to ensure you or your loved one will receive the right care based on the individual's specific needs.
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