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Information: Were you happily preparing a black bean and corn salsa for you and your family and, without knowing it, you picked up the sharpest knife in the drawer to slice into a tomato, and while trying to core it, the knife slipped through the tomato and deep into your finger? After a trip to the emergency room, you find that you've lacerated a tendon and will need surgery, but who's the best orthopaedic hand and food surgeon in Pinellas Park? Do you have excruciating arthritis to the point of immobility and nothing you do remedies or relieves the pain regardless of how many pain relievers you take or warm pads you put on your joints, and you're wondering if there's an alternative remedy to the debilitating pain, maybe in the form of arthritis surgery? Have you been experiencing pain in your elbow, tingling in your fingers and a weakness in grip and you're wondering if you might not have carpal tunnel syndrome or tennis elbow and what, if any treatments there are out there for you to find pain relief? Don't worry Richard Herrick, M.D., sports medicine doctor and orthopaedic surgeon, will help you sort out what your problem is and then work out a suitable action plan to help relieve symptoms based on your needs.

So when you need the best orthopaedic hand and foot surgeon in the Tampa Florida greater metro area you'll want to rely on Richard Herrick, M.D., who will take great care to find the best way for your body to go through the healing process whether it's with surgery or physical therapy, you'll find a plan that works best for you to ensure that you're up and on your feet again as soon as possible. We are open Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm so give us a call now to schedule your appointment to discuss arthritis pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, and sports medicine injuries, etc. Learn More

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